BESS perspectives in Latin America


By providing a reliable source of stored power during fluctuations in supply and demand, BESSs prevent energy from being wasted and help stabilize the electrical grid.

While BESS will be increasingly important in helping every country reach its renewable energy goals, this is especially true in Latin America. This region’s geography and climate make it rich in renewable energy potential, but for its solar and wind capacities to succeed, it needs to also invest in BESS infrastructure.

In this ebook, we explore the dynamic growth of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Latin America. Discover how the region is leveraging its renewable energy potential, backed by regulatory support and rich natural resources, to stabilize the electrical grid and drive sustainable energy solutions.


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What will you learn from this ebook?

  • An overview of BESS in Latin America
  • BESS legislation and policy change in Latin America
  • The status and opportunities of BESS in important Latin American markets
  • The biggest BESS projects in Latin America and future projects in the pipeline
  • BESS statistics from RatedPower